Working at


Our Benefits


Bonus Scheme

As recognition of your goal achievement you will receive a performance based bonus every 6 months.


or Netflix

Love films or music? So do we! Choose from a Spotify or Netflix subscription to enjoy.

Never work on

your birthday

If your birthday falls on a work day, no need to use your annual leave, take the day off as a gift from us.



We want to support your personal development so will provide you with an annual training budget to develop your skills and career plus a monthly book allowance from Amazon to spend on any book you like.



Flexibility is important to achieve a good work life balance. We are a remote first company and encourage our team members to work from wherever they are most productive. 

Great people

around the world

Our team is smart, kind, ambitious and multicultural. Whether we share an office or work remotely, we’re there for each other, working as one.


Make a difference

 We are community champions and encourage our team to lead initiatives that work towards a greater good.

Career Opportunities 

Current job openings


As a Data Storyteller, you will have 2-5 years working experience in data analysis, data visualisation, and data journalism. You...

Check our



Our Teams

People Operations

It's all about the People for us! We:

  • Align workplace culture

  • Take care of hiring and onboarding

  • Determine and implement benefits

  • Grow and develop the team

  • Look after our review process

  • Financial accounting and reporting

  • Organise our annual team event (couldn’t leave this one out!)


The first face the industry sees. We:

  • Drive revenues

  • Define the problems that SlashData should be solving

  • Engage with industry members and get to know their pain points and KPIs they have related to developers.

  • Make sure that those that invest in our research, data and insights are obtaining the maximum value and making data backed strategic decisions.

  • Try to find innovative ways to help clients absorb and utilize our services and put the data to work.


Leveraging the brand-building a community. What we do?

  • Brand awarenss and PR

  • Design (UI/UX)

  • Copywriting and content production

  • Event management 

  • Lead generation and Growth


The Technology Team provides support to all our IT needs:

  • Development and maintenance of custom software (surveys, data visualisation)

  • Development and maintenance of our websites

  • Design and implementation of internal tools

  • Automation of processes


Crunching data, designing research, producing insights.

  • Design data & research products 

  • Crafting product strategy 

  • Designing & implementing research methodology 

  • Survey design: DE survey, DPL survey, custom client surveys

  • Data crunching & Python libraries building

  • Producing data-backed actionable insights for reports and dashboards

  • Provide specifications for in-house infrastructure needed for research operations


The Developer side of our business in SlashData. 

  • Nurturing and growing our own Developer Economics Community. Currently counting more than 56k developers from around the world, covering all dev areas.

  • Project owners of the Developer Economics Survey

  • Optimising outreach activities during the surveys, through lead generation and partnership building

Leadership Team

The backbone of the company. We: 

  • Make all major decisions and talk strategy

  • Brainstorm debate and align in a single-minded direction to meet the needs of the business.

  • Chart a course for the company- short term and long term by unifying the views, smarts and expertise of the several different teams.

  • Address cross team issues

  • Come from different teams but feel as one, always committing to the same direction.

How we hire

We have a 5 step recruitment process. Throughout each stage of the recruitment process your applications will be reviewed by the Hiring Manager for the role and you will receive an email advising you if you have been moved to the next stage of the recruitment process.

1. After your initial application, we will send you a short list of questions to answer either via PPT or Video (no more than 5 mins or 10 slides) to find out more about you, what interests you in the position and what interests you about SlashData.

2. We may organise an intro call with you if you have asked, or we have specific questions at this point. 

3. So we can understand your skills and to give you a flavour of what the position is about, we ask you to complete a challenge assignment. 

4. You will go under a series of interviews as follows:

   a. Hiring Manager

   b. CEO

   c. People Operations Manager 

5. If we feel you are the best fit for the position, we will contact you with an offer. All candidates will be informed of the outcome of their interview and we aim to do this as soon as possible.