Our 7 core values

High Performers

Always learning

Play as a team



Data Driven

Every voice matters

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Our 3 Priorities

Most companies strive for performance. 

We believe that culture and personal development are equally important to performance for everyone making up SlashData.


This can be visualised in three concentric circles

Some data

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The inner circle

Self development

It's about every single individual in the team. It's about how through our work experience, our interaction with team-mates from wildly different background, and the training that we take - we become better. Not just at work, but at the core of our selves, in a way that shows into every aspect of our personality. It's about everyone becoming a better version of themselves.

The middle circle

Our culture 

Having fun solving complex challenges together. We spend 8 hours (or so) at work every day, and it's important that during these hours we enjoy working with the people in the team. That these people are respectful, fun, easy to work with, high performers, diverse - so that together we can solve complex challenges together. Our work is leading edge, and it's not enough to have high performers in the team. We have high performers who are fun to work with, and who enjoy solving complex problems together.

The outer circle

IMPACT to the world 

How we make a difference to our customers and the market. Our performance, and the revenues and profits that will result from it. We like to work with the top tech brands out there and help them make better decisions with data. We are proud to make an outsized impact for our company size.

Quotation mark

SlashData has values and sticks to them. Smiling comes naturally when working along such amazing and delightful people. SlashData is a place where you can grow and bloom. Thank you all for making work fun.


Office & Accounting


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How can so many different people do awesome work together so well? Everything starts with SlashData’s awesome culture. I love working here because it’s a people-first company, that takes into account my needs and wants, helps me learn and develop my skills and trusts my judgement. Always happy to start my day at the office, amongst a great team where everyone helps the other excel.


Growth Marketing Manager

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It's truly a privilege to work at SlashData. Everyday, when I open my laptop, I am reminded of how lucky I am to work with bright, motivated and positive colleagues. Working remotely is not challenging, as everyone strives to push the company forward, communicating effectively to bring creative ideas on the table. The company's culture and structure is definitely designed to bring the best out of everyone!


Production Executive

& Sales Ops

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